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    Looking for Authentic Combat SAMBO, Judo or Jiu-Jitsu Lessons?

    Come check out our top rated martial arts program in the Norwich and Griswold area. We're waiting for you!

    Classes for Teens and Adults


    ✅ Great rates ✅ Small classes ✅ Contact us today!


    If you're looking for an activity that promotes fitness, self-defense and character building, look no further than SV Dojo


    118 West Main St, Baltic CT inside Historic Beaver Brook Mill


  • Training Jiu-Jitsu and Sambo in Connecticut

    Add Sambo to Your Game Today

    "I've always had an affinity for leglocks and I'm actually known in the BJJ community for my leglocks and throws... but damn! Some of the stuff you showed was brand new to me and I will definitely add it to my game!"


    Gary A- BJJ Black Belt-Pan American Champion

  • Sambo Martial Arts Classes

    Learn Authentic Combat Sambo In the Norwich and Griswold Area

    Sambo Coach teaching a leglock at CTSAMBO

    Combat SAMBO:

    Sambo is a Judo-based martial art originally developed in Russia that combines old school Judo with techniques of Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and more. Fast takedowns and submissions are its trademark, especially its famous arsenal of leglocks.


    Combat Sambo Is one of the most complete fighting systems in the world, offering something for everyone. Whether you want to compete, train for self-defense or just get in shape, we have what you're looking for.


    "My first Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and MMA experience was at your class. Thanks for cultivating such a positive culture on the mat that allowed me to feel comfortable sticking with the martial arts!"

    Jake -Brooklyn🔥


    Give us a call or contact us today!


    Classes for Teens and Adults!

    Current Fees:

    • $29 AAU yearly sign-up fee (Sept 1st-Aug 31st)
    • 2022 Monthly Dues: $80/mo
    • Family/Student/First Responder discounts available

    No Contracts

    100 Lessons of Russian Sambo Scarf Hold

    We're an IFJA Freestyle Judo Team 

    "Judo the way it ought to be!"

    Freestyle Judo brings back the golden age of Judo competition by embracing the fighting arts of

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Russian Sambo

    AAU Community Martial Arts Program | SV Dojo, Baltic CT

    Freestyle Judo is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union, the organizer of the Junior Olympics: we are official club #W375A9



    Freestyle Judo Classes:

    Judo is not about fighting. It's about self-defense, self-control and respect.

    Spark your inner power with a class at SV Dojo. Judo is an excellent martial art for people of all ages- contact us about available classes

    Straight Forward Pricing! Joining is easy: Join the AAU & Pay your dues!

    Prices for Judo and Sambo Lessons

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    Famous Sambo MMA Fighters

    Combat Sambo looks a lot like MMA: UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Pride Heavyweaight Champion Fedor Emelianenko are both World Champions.

    Sambo Association of SV Dojo | Baltic, CT

    SV Rashguards $45

    Visit our home site JudoCT.com

    Two Youth Judo students practice throws at SV Dojo
  • Testimonials  




    "Some of my favorite memories and times were on the mat with you. Really changed the way I trained and understood things. Can't thank you enough." Matt K -Sensei 🔥


    "Amazing experience. Every class I feel I have a better understanding of the art walking out the doors at the end of the class. Great for all ages. It's never too soon or too late to start learning, and this is the perfect atmosphere to learn and grow."

    Nick- Windham🔥


    "It's a welcoming place that is made for ANYONE! Regardless if you're new to the sport or not, there's amazing people to help you improve every single training session. Also, the schedule for classes is extremely accommodating. I couldn't ask for a better gym"

    Gus- Plainfield🔥


    "My kids started attending classes this past winter. They have really enjoyed it. Greg is a wonderful instructor who is patient, encouraging and positive with the kids. Everyone is welcoming and supportive. My kids are learning a lot and look forward to the classes. I highly recommend Shetucket Valley Martial Arts"

    Janine- Norwich🔥


    "Absolutely one of the most grueling and fun things I've done." Eric L 🔥


    "You and Jiu-Jitsu had such a positive effect on my life" Anthony- Plainfield 🔥


    "Thanks for letting us live on your mats for a week, no joke it was an amazing experience!" Ken D 🔥


    "I was at your NOHO Sambo seminar (seems I've caught a bit of a Sambo bug!) and been interested in learning more ever since!" Suzanne G - BJJ Purple Belt, Pan Am Champion 🔥


    "Thank you for having us at Sambo Camp, it was exactly what we hoped for" Eric M -BJJ Black Belt 🔥


    "Thanks for making us feel welcome, I hope we get the opportunity to train with you again!" Kano -BJJ Black Belt 🔥


    "AWESOME leglock class...OSS!" Edwin F - BJJ Brown Belt, Pan Am Champion 🔥


    "I will personally vouch for this system till I die, crazy high percentage!" Bladden -BJJ Black Belt 🔥


    "I love all that old school s##t you teach coach" John 'Doomsday' Howard- UFC, PFL Fighter 🔥


    "That was the best seminar I've ever been to" Pat S🔥


  • SV Dojo | Inside Historic Beaver Brook Mill

    Convenient to Norwich, Plainfield, Griswold, Lebanon and Griswold 

    Easy to get to

    We're located inside easy to find Beaver Brook Mill in centrally located Baltic, CT just minutes from Windham, Norwich and Griswold. We are located inside a new modern addition with great parking and a river view!

    Professional Mats

    Our gym is outfitted with top of the line Meister Professional MMA mats. These mats are over 1.5 inches think and made from a dual density shock absorbing foam. We clean our mats after every session with anti-bacterial mat cleaner.


    We only use the best training equipment from Pro Boxing Equipment, Title Boxing, Titan Fitness, Meister MMA, Proforce, Otomix, RDX, Adidas and more. We provide free uniforms when we have them is stock, and we keep a community supply of clean Gi tops, belts and boxing gloves available to all of our students.

  • Feeling unsure about taking up a new sport? Don't worry, we've got you covered

    Our small size and partnership with the AAU set us apart

    We're school is built upon 3 tenets: passion for the art, respect for people, and continual improvement.

    We believe in providing more for less. As Connecticut’s only officially recognized AAU community martial arts program, here are some of the things that set us apart:

    • Low rates: our mission is to spread the martial arts and to better our community, expensive fees are counter to our mission. 
    • Insurance: Our program provides the best available training and competition insurance through the AAU for less than $30 a year to our members
    • Competition team: We're not just a school, we're a competitive team with a professional coach
    • Background check policy: We are the only school in the area that conducts background checks on all of our new members: safety is our number one priority in and outside of our dojo!
    • Small class sizes:  Small classes mean high quality training and hands on instruction.
    • Centrally located: We are located in Baltic; just minuets from Norwich, Griswold, Lebanon, Plainfield and Windham.
    • Many styles, one price: Learn all of our integrated system of Judo, Sambo, Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing for one low price and never a contract


    Being an AAU Community Martial Arts Club Sets Us Apart

    • The best available training and competition insurance to all of our athletes
    • The area's only background check policy for all adult members
    • Low fees and community focused while providing world class instruction


    Membership in the AAU begins at just $16 a year, and delivers big benefits like training and competition insurance, low monthly dues, and a strict background check policy so you can feel safe knowing who you're spending your time on the mats with. Make sure to visit our "How to join our program" page for detailed instructions on joining the AAU.

    All of our members must join the AAU to become a member of our club. Memberships must be renewed every year before August 31st. Our Club code is "W375A9"

  • SV DOJO School Policies

    Martial arts by nature are a risky endeavor, especially competitive styles like Judo and Sambo, but even Jiu-Jitsu, which is easier on the body, can be risky if you don't take simple precautions while training. Our Health and Injury policies are key to having a LONG grappling career. Please read them, and take note of all the important best practices we recommend. You'll also see our four basic team rules listed on this page, although there are only a few of them, they are very important. Adhering to these simple steps will make sure you and your training partners have a great time, learn a lot and stay safe.


    Our 4 Basic Rules:

    1. Team First: Members must Join the AAU. We train to help others.

    2. Pay Your Dues: In sweat and on-time

    3. Keep it Clean: Mind | Body | Dojo

    4. Respect + Effort= Success


    Policy on Hygiene:

    Grappling is a contact sport, and there are very real dangers to all of us if even just one of our members does not practice the following best practices: because this is so serious, violations of this policy will result and removal from our program:


    1. Always shower after class, before if necessary

    2. If you are ill DO NOT come to class

    3. Always keep your finger and toenails short.

    4. Always wash your gym clothes after class, and wear clean clothes every time.

    5. If you have any sign of any skin infection DO NOT come to class- go see a doctor

    6. NEVER step on the mats with anything but clean feet- if you must leave the mats, use your flip flops. Disinfect your Flip Flops after every class.

    7. If you get cut while training, stop immediately, signal to, and await your coach.

    8. If you have any injury or other health concern always tell your coach before training- or during if it just happened.

    9. Help keep our space sanitary everyday!


    Policy on Injuries

    ANY Student who carelessly injures another teammate, or demonstrates recklessness will be removed from our program

    • Come prepared for class: clean body, clean clothes, clean mind
    • Be a good UKE. That means you help your partner to learn: class is not a competition but cooperative. 
    • Tap early, tap often. If you or your training partners get hurt... you can not train...so train smart and always put safety before ego!
    • Always help clean the mats and gym after every class.
    • Be respectful of your instructor and other students, pay close attention to details, do not interrupt a lesson and do not talk while your coach is talking.
    • Always pay your dues on time.
    • Do not come to class sick
  • How To Join

    New Students: Read this section first

    Because of our status as an AAU club we must follow very strict rules concerning membership: All of our members must have a valid AAU athletes card: Youth under the age of 16 can join instantly, however those age 16 and up should allow a week for their membership to be issued.


    Follow the instructions below to join. Because our athletes are insured through the AAU, we do not give away free trial periods or classes. Those interested in our program should join the AAU and try classes for one month.

    We currently only have 10 spots open on our team (Teen/adult)



    Step 1. CONTACT US


    Step 2. AAU Membership

    Anyone interested in training Judo at our Dojo MUST become a member of the AAU. Registration is online and only a takes a few minutes. ​​

    Read the following directions and then visit AAUSPORTS.ORG/MEMBERSHIPS to register.

    All members signing up should choose :

    • "Individual Athlete (youth or adult)"
    • "Extended Membership"
    • "Judo"
    • Use club code "W375A9" at the end of the form.

    Once complete you will be insured for both practice and competitions through the AAU's policy.

    ​Youth memberships (age 16 & under) Once registered your child can begin practice. Cost of an AAU youth memberships is $16.00 and must be renewed every Sept. 1st.

    Adult members must wait until their background check clears (typically 1-10 days) before attending class, the background check is performed during the membership application process. Cost of Adult Membership is currently $29.00 and must be renewed each year on or before Sept. 1st. (It is best to renew a week early so there is no lapse in training while waiting for the background check to clear.)


    Step 3. DOJO DUES

    The Monthly Dojo Fees for 2022:

    • Single Adult: $80 dollars a mo. (Join with a friend and you each save $20 mo)
    • Student, and First Responder Rate: $65/Mo.
    • One day a week rate: $40 mo youth/$65 Adult 

    You can cancel at any time: we do not have contracts- ALL STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN AN AAU MEMBERSHIP IS GOOD STANDING

    Please make all payments through VENMO

  • YUDANSHAKAI SV Black Belt Association

    Earning Rank at Shetucket Valley Martial Arts

    We take pride in being an independent Yudanshakai of the IFJA and USCSA:


    Our program is designed to produce high quality martial artists.


    We follow rank guidelines that have been established by the IFJA and USCSA. Sila Voli issue's rank through our official rank partner: The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association. Our Teen and Adult belt system utilizes 4 colors of belts: Green, Blue, Brown, Black. Former wrestlers and Jiu-jitsu blue belts will enter our system at blue belt after a brief assessment. To achieve a black belt in our system typically takes 4-6 years. There is never a fee for belt promotion through Sila Voli.


    The JBBA:

    Students can also apply for a separate Judo black belt through the AAU's Yudanshakai the Judo Black Belt Association (a division of the Shin-Gi-Tai Jujitsu Association) at the completion of our program for a fee of $50. However this is not a requirement of the AAU or IFJA and the student must meet the criteria of the JBBA.


    Our Black belts are expected to continue their studies and to uphold the three cultures of self-defense, physical fitness and moral self-betterment with the goal of improving their community and representing Sila Voli Team with absolute integrity:

    Send me more info on your program

    Coach Greg Swanson

    "Greg is a friend of mine; he knows his stuff. You'll Learn a lot from him"- Gregg Humphreys- North American Representative: Igor Kurinnoy's "Sambo for Professionals" program

    • Jujitsu Godan 5th Degree 
    • Judo Nidan 2nd Degree
    • Professional MMA Coach and Cornerman 2003-2014
    • Judo Black Belt Association Member 
    • SVCSA Founder   
    • Certified Kettlebell Instructor 
    • USA BOXING Certified Coach 
    • Lifetime  Member of The United States Combat Sambo Association 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About SAMBO

    Frequently asked questions about Sambo Martial Arts



    Q. What is the Martial Art of Sambo

    Russian Sambo is a Martial Art that is derived from Judo, Wrestling, and a variety of martial arts like Karate, kung fu, Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Russian Sambo is a popular sport, with divisions for Sport Sambo, and Combat Sambo which is similar to MMA. The name “Sambo” is an acronym for “Self-defense without weapons”.


    Q. When was Sambo invented

    Sambo was invented in the early 1900’s and was made official in 1938. Sambo was a creation of the Soviet Union, which required a fighting system for its military. Although Sambo is considered a style of wrestling, it also contains a robust technical repertoire that includes self-defense techniques, striking and groundwork.


    Q. What kind of techniques will I learn training Sambo

    As a student of Russian Sambo you will learn many old school Judo techniques as well as more modern Olympic style Judo techniques, Sambo also has many techniques taken from folk, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Sambo is famous for its leglocks and armbars and its overall efficiency. Sambo is one of the best martial arts to learn if you are interested in MMA: both Fedor Emelianenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov were Combat Sambo World Champions before they were World Champions in MMA. Combat Sambo techniques include strikes like punches from Boxing and kicks from Karate


    Q. Where do I compete as a Sambo Athlete

    FIAS is the major international sanctioning body for Sambo and there are several smaller organizations that host Sambo competitions. Our athletes are members of the AAU and the International Freestyle Judo Alliance. Our students can compete in events like the Arnold Fitness Combat Sambo event, the Freestyle Judo Nationals and local events like North American Grappling Association.


    Q. How is Sambo Different from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    While both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Sambo are both martial arts that derived from Judo they are quite different! Training at a Sambo gym a student can expect to learn a complete system of Judo, old school Jiu-Jitsu techniques, techniques from regional styles of wrestling, striking and new more modern MMA techniques. Sambo students spend equal time training stand up wrestling, striking, groundwork and conditioning. Sambo is well known for its dynamic transitions between the various phases of combat; that is not an easy skill to achieve, but it makes Sambo extremely efficient. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is focused on training on the ground and lacks many of the aspects that make Sambo so complete as a martial art. Students of BJJ can expect most of their classes to consist of ground fighting techniques with a heavy emphasis on the "guard" position, that is where you are on your back with your opponent in-between your legs. Sambo students can expect to spend equal time working on throws, submissions and striking.


    Q. Do I need to be in shape to start training in the martial art of Russian Sambo

    No, but it does help. The good news is that even if you are not in shape now, training in any form of Sambo will get you in shape quickly! Sambo training is one of the best exercises there is, grappling and striking training are both good workouts on their own but the effect on your fitness is elevated when you do both together! Our Adult Sambo classes are technical and about an hour and half long; not every class is going to be intense though. When our club is preparing for tournaments the intensity increases and the focus on building skills is put on the back burner as we ramp up the cardio and fighting spirit! But most of the time you can expect to drill gripping, throws and submissions every class.


    Q. How do I start taking classes in Russian Sambo

    Easy! The first step is to contact us! We'll talk to you about our program and invite you to come watch a class. Once you've made the commitment to give it a try, you'll join the AAU as an athlete (as an adult this includes a quick background check). Once you're an AAU member, just pay your monthly dues and come train! We make it easy, we have an assortment of free and loaner Uniforms, and there are NO CONTRACTS.


    The International Freestyle Judo Alliance


    Judo has always meant to be a combat martial art. Freestyle Judo brings back the golden age of Judo by embracing the arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sambo and Freestyle Wrestling. If you are interested in learning a realistic, dynamic, and complete system we encourage you to come learn "Judo the way it ought to be!" Freestyle Judo is Kodokan Judo, but as a competitive style its rule-set differs from Olympic Judo which tend to focus on throwing only. FSJ rules allow for a free flowing contest that encourages both standup and ground techniques to be used. A list of other IFJA schools can be found at the bottom of this page.


    International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association

    The ICMAUA is our official certified rank provider. The ICMAUA is an internationally registered organization established to support all combat oriented Martial Arts styles. The ICMAUA supports over 900 organizations from 112 different countries, including the Sila Voli Combat Sambo Alliance. As a member organization we are able to offer rank through the ICMAUA's Combat Sambo Union, Combat Judo Union and Combat Jiu-Jitsu Union.


    The Amateur Athletic Union

    The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) has been raising champions for more than a century. Since its inception in 1888, the AAU has set the standard for amateur sports in the United States with one goal in mind: “Sports For All, Forever.” It is more than a motto – it has been the focus and drive of AAU for 130 years and counting for sports in the United States and throughout the world.

    One of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, multi-sport event organizations in the world, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. The AAU philosophy of “Sports For All, Forever” is now shared by nearly 700,000 members and 150,000 volunteers across 41 sports programs and 55 U.S. districts.


    The United States Combat SAMBO Association

    Grandmaster Galperin is founder and president of the U.S.C.S.A and an over 60 years veteran of the Martial Arts. Mr. Galperin is classified as Grandmaster instructor by the Russian Government and has trained both the Russian Military and Police forces.

    Grandmaster Galperin is one of the few remaining practitioners of Combat SAMBO who was taught by Ivan Vasilievich Vasilyev , one of the founders of the Russian Combat SAMBO system.

    the United States Combat SAMBO Association (U.S.C.S.A) exists to:

    1.Promote the art of Combat SAMBO.

    2.Establish and maintain high standards in the art of Combat SAMBO and Martial Arts in general.

    3.Provide general guidelines in the Combat SAMBO system for affiliated schools, clubs, and organizations


    The S.V.C.S.A

    Founded in 2016, the SVCSA, is an Alliance of professional Sambo coaches who support non-political Sambo.



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    Tu, Thu, Fri 5:30p-8:30p Sun 10:30am-12p